“Life Insurances to protect your Wealth, Health and Lifestyle”

Oliver Insurance is based in Auckland.  We identify where you are financially at risk, provides you with advice, and puts in place the best possible types of financial protection available to suit your own individual situation.

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Broker


1. Are you a government Registered Financial Adviser (RFA)?

Look for a broker who is a registered RFA with a FSP number and a member of at least one professional association like the FANZ or even better, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).  These associations have codes of conduct with which all members must comply.


2. What ongoing training courses do you take?

In other words, are you keeping fully up to date with the whole range of new products and services which are coming continuously onto the market?


3. Do you have access to the services of all the main Life Insurance companies?

Ask whether they have agencies with all the main insurers such as Sovereign, AIA, Fidelity Life, Partnerslife, nib, AMP,  etc and do they have access to all the other insurers as well.  Agents who are dedicated to one insurance company are not brokers and can only offer insurance from that one company.  They may have vested interests unlike a broker who can research and negotiate with a number of insurers.


4. How much experience do you have?

Find out the kind of clients your agent has had most experience with — small business, corporate, professional, trades, family ?  Will they understand your particular situation?


5. Are you part of a wider group of Insurance Brokers?

Make sure your broker has a backup of other qualified colleagues whom you could also trust for service.  A top broker will have a contingency plan.


6. What is your general approach as a Life Insurance Broker?

Top Insurance Brokers start and finish with the needs of their individual client in mind .  They do not sell a product as such but will take their client through a thorough fact-finding survey to find if and where you may have a need for financial protection.  They will produce a Report upon which they will base their recommendations.  This is the kind of professional service that you know you can trust. “So if getting adequate protection is that simple, then why don’t more people have the proper amount of insurance?”  In our experience, many people think they can’t afford life insurance.  They think they can risk their financial security on the whims of fate.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Other clients suffer from paying too much for inadequate coverage, which would only let them down if disaster struck.  The best protection is to be informed, especially when you think your circumstances may be changing. You are unsure what insurance protection you have and whether it would cover you if the worst happened. Your lifestyle is changing with a new baby, a mortgage, a new business or a change in job. You have been with your existing broker for a long time, but they haven’t kept you informed with newer, better products that could meet your changing needs. You want to find out if you can save money on your current policy without compromising any of the insurance cover you currently have. If any of these situations apply to you, then meeting with an experienced and unbiased insurance broker is a must for you.  Hundreds of our clients have benefited from having their life assessed with the WOF check.  Now you can too