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Richard Oliver – M.A., Dip Ed., Cert TEFLA, FANZ, RFA, FSP 43142, MDRT Life Member “2005 – 2018”, NEWPARK  LIFETIME AWARD 2018

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Richard Oliver identifies where you are financially at risk, provides you with advice, and puts in place the best possible types of financial protection available to suit your own individual situation.



In focussing on our mission with clients we have clear objectives to provide you with:


A sense of financial security and well being regarding your family’s livelihood, their future needs (e.g. education) and getting rid of debt in the event of your death or disability.


Peace of mind that your family won’t be left in the lurch in the event that a claim has to be made through your death or disability (all answers and help will be on hand, so we will help you when it comes to a claim)


Reassurance that your levels and type of financial protection are up to date because you have had any changing needs assessed and your cover kept under regular review.


Confidence that any financial liabilities with your business have been identified and taken care of in the event of your death or disability.


Peace of mind that you have the best cover for your circumstances, at a fair price.

How Will You Achieve These Benefits

Richard Oliver will take you through a Life Style check needs analysis in less than 28 minutes. Through this we can provide you with a report and the best possible advice as a result of our Agency Agreements with AIA/Sovereign, Asteron, nib, Fidelity Life and Accuro, as well as our links with all other Life Insurers.

We consult on a wide range of personal and business cover solutions including Life Cover, Trauma, Health, Income Protection, Key Person, Total and Permanent Disability and Accidental Death.

You can be assured that you will get the best and most suitable types of protection with —

Life Cover – If you want to get rid of your mortgage and debts and take care of your family in the event of your death (Or you could get money paid out to yourself in a few years time)

Trauma Cover – If you want a lump sum of money paid out to help with the bills and your recuperation should you have a serious illness.

Health Cover – If you want the Hospital, Specialists and Tests and Doctors bills paid when you are sick (and you don’t want to be on a long waiting-list either)

Income Protection – If you want to have all the bills and living costs met when you are sick and unable to work . (For sure your income is by far your most valuable asset !)

Key Person Benefit – If you own your own business and would be concerned to have your income and cashflow maintained in the event of your illness.

Total and Permanent Disability — If you want a lump sum paid in the event that you are disabled and can no longer work in your own occupation or perhaps any occupation.

We can arrange any other type of General Insurance (eg car, home, contents, etc). We arrange Superannuation Plans, Education Funding, Investments and Kiwisaver. And the most cost effective Mortgages.

Richard Oliver’s Personal Qualifications and Experience

Richard Oliver                                                                                                                       Amy Oliver

– M.A., Dip. Ed., Dip. Tchg. Cert. TEFLA.                                                                                                          – NZ Bus Dip.

Here are 12 important things you should know about Richard Oliver

With 25 years in the industry – including 15 years in his own company, Richard Oliver Financial Care Limited. Was Sales Manager for Sovereign NZ Superannuation Services. Was top New Zealand Superannuation agent. Very successful career in education – High School teacher, Inspector and Principal (10 years). Has considerable cross-cultural experience – as School Principal established Sister Schools in China and Japan; trained to teach English as foreign language. Has traveled extensively in some 46 countries, including contracts as tour leader and as professional photographer. Elected FRGS (Fellow of Royal Geographical Society). Is professionally updated. In past years has participated in at least 50 professional training seminars conferences. Has served on some ten Boards and community leadership groups. Is a member of Newpark Group (including Top Adviser’s Forum) – New Zealand’s largest association of independent Life Insurance Brokers. What does this breadth of experience mean in dealing with your real life and personal financial issues??


How Are We Paid

Any payments from clients are made directly to the Insurance Companies. We do not operate any Trust Account, or receive any direct payments from clients. We are paid Commissions from the Insurance Companies. Referrals from satisfied clients are another expected and valued form of compensation.

Our Guarantee

“I can’t guarantee you happiness but I can guarantee you freedom from an area of financial worry! Would that mean peace of mind for you and your family”