I’ve had Richard looking after my life insurance for a number of years.  During this time Richard has carefully and professionally advised me on the very best life insurance for me .I have specialised in the finest of NZ properties, having successfully concluded over $1 billion of real estate. As I am now in my seventies and intend on working for a number of years, Richard Oliver is a very important ingredient to my financial future.

J M,

Richard is by far the best insurance executive I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Richard assessed my situation quickly and accurately with his innovative computer program, giving me a detailed printout of the best 3 policies for my current situation.  Richard even identified areas where my previous policy would have left me in dire straits if I happened to fall sick and couldn’t work in my business.  The new policy I have now is a marked improvement.  Thanks Richard

M A,
New Market

For over 10 years we have known Richard, he has put excellent policies in place for myself and 5 other family members.  Recently we were more than impressed with the advice Richard gave to the whole family when it was thought I had cancer. For 7 weeks Richard kept in touch with us almost daily.  We were very confident that if the worst happened, we could have trusted Richard to make sure all the policies were correctly paid out. This was extremely reassuring to us all.

J S,

After my best friend died a couple of years ago Richard came around to my house for a chat. He pointed out how we could set up a plan to provide financial protection for our own family. I already have taken out a small life insurance policy through Richard but nothing on my wife. So I doubled my own life cover and took out a cover on her.

Towards the end of the year we were shocked when my wife was found to have cancer. Richard got in touch with the insurance company and made sure everything was sorted out so we were paid out straight away. My wife passed away very soon afterwards. I am very sad and so are my four grown up children but the money we received has been a great help.

T  — Very thankful client

Having life insurance became important to me only as I got older and although I feel somewhat embarrassed to admit it publicly, now I’m quite proud that I did take it out at the age of 68. I’m extremely happy too, that my insurance broker is Richard Oliver who, with his vast experience and knowledge of the insurance industry, ensured that he was able to search out the very best policy to suit my circumstances, and one that would not only produce life cover, but also a savings plan for “my retirement”. My association with Richard began at a monthly meeting of the Knowledge Gym in Auckland, New Zealand only one year ago. We formed a friendship which has grown and we have been able to help each other in our respective businesses. I have found Richard to be extremely sincere and not the least bit pushy. He has a genuine caring for the well being of others and this soon became evident when he invited me into his home to meet his family. I have now taken two insurance policies with Richard and his lovely personal assistant, his wife, Amy. At all times, Richard and Amy have explained to me the benefits of having my particular policies and for that I am grateful. I acknowledge Richard and Amy’s sincerity and I recommend them to anyone who is thinking about the future security of themselves and their families.


My family and I have  known Richard for over ten years and only positive impressions of his extreme professionalism, knowledge and Care remain. His greatest characteristic is that of the ability to give advice when it is need. I can recall several situations when he provided my family with better insurance cover whilst saving us money at the same time. Over all these years Richard was always been ready to not only to advise me,but also there to help me and to fight for me too when it was necessary.

His help was highlighted most greatly when I was diagnosed with a low grade glioma (a tumor) on the brain. It was not his duty but he  ensured that all dealings with the insurance company was efficient and stress free. He helped my family see hope in glummest of times.  Though I hope no one  will go trough ill health as I have but for the sake of peace of mind as we never know what await us I strongly advise uptake of medical, life and income protection reassurance. Virtually over night I went for a perfect health 41 year old to so unwell I could no longer walk. I was only able to upkeep my life style due my insurance policy. At the end I can only say that my dealing with Richard lead to not only a great insurance policy but also a life long friendship.


A year ago my business mentor suggested that Richard take a look at the plans I had put in place to protect my wife and my business should I be taken ill, or die. He looked at my situation, made recommendations and put in place a new comprehensive package that covers things much better (and gives me peace of mind). And he’s keeping everything under review.

Satisfied  Client

Over the years my company has grown and expanded and right now we are settling for a third time into new premises. Richard has kept in touch throughout, helped us identify where we have been financially vulnerable and put in place the best protection available to meet our changing needs.

Valued clients

一通电话,就将我和 Amy的友谊延续到了今天。记得当时我还是一名年轻的留学生,我们在皇后街的一家咖啡厅喝咖啡,聊人生,谈保险。现在回想起来,十年已经过去
了,我已经定居纽西兰,并且已是两个孩子的妈妈,而那一份保单一直将Amy 和我联系在一起。多年来我们还是一起喝咖啡,像老朋友一样,这种感觉很温馨。其实买保


精诚,专业,爱心。成为了Amy 的客户,就交到了一位知心朋友。当我重病在身的时候,Amy 和她的洋人先生积极为我理赔,频繁与保险公司交涉,为我力争到最好


找对了保险经纪,就找到了最好的保障。多年前一次偶然的机会,朋友将 Amy介绍给我。她跟据我们当时的经济状况为我们重新组合保单,帮我们家每年节约了大笔保费,同时我们也得到最适合全家的保单,Amy还经常保持联系,热忱服务,不愧为业内精英。我们愿意介绍给所有想买保险的朋友,买保险找Amy。

Jack & Brenda

谁都有雨天没有雨伞的时候。感谢Amy 在我人生的低谷时扶我一把,将我们的保险及时到位,让我们全家顺利渡过难关。保险就是一把伞,可以为我们遮雨挡阳,当今的


Wei Ping